Recommended sites to follow for the most up to date information on tobacco harm reduction, expert opinions and commentary, and consumer blogs:


Nicotine science and policy Q & A



Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction - Maps the global, regional and national availability and use of safer nicotine products, the regulatory responses to these products, and the public health potential of tobacco harm reduction.


THR Rendez-vous - Canada - Interviews with advocates about Tobacco Harm Reduction by Phillipe Boucher

Thr Rend


Cigarette Electronique - France

Cigarette electronique


Ludivape - France



Vaping Post - France

Vaping Post Fr


DampfFreiheit - Germany - Information and links about vaping



E-cigarette research - Greece - Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos

Dr F


Egarage - Germany - Industry news and information about vaping 



That got me thinking - Ireland - Blog by Tom Gleeson, NNA Ireland trustee



LIAF Magaizne - Italy



Sigmagazine - Italy - Newspaper intended for operators of the electronic cigarette sector



Stary Chemik bloguje (the Old Chemist blogs) - Poland

Old Chemist


Vape and Science - Spain - A scientific, social and realistic vision of the eCig.

vapour y - Sweden - Stefan Mathisson



Vapolitique - Switzerland - Vaping in Switzerland and elsewhere: news on the political, social and health challenges of a reduced-risk alternative to smoking


Anti-THR lies - USA - Carl V Philips, Tobacco harm reduction, anti-THR lies, and related topics.



Rodu Tobacco Truth - USA - Dr Brad Rodu



The Rest of the Story - USA - Tobacco and Alcohol News Analysis and Commentary, Dr Michael Siegel

Micheal Sigel

Vaping360 - USA



Vaping in the news - USA - Vaping links and more, Kevin Crowley

Vaping links and more


Ashtray Blog - UK - The blog of e-cigarette direct

ashtray blog


Plant of the vapes - UK

planet of the vapes


The Counterfactual - UK - Clive Bates

Counterfactual - UK - Tobacco harm reduction news and commentary from around the world with news digests every Monday, Wednesday and Friday



EU for Snus - Facebook group - Everything you need to know about Snus



Vape Distortion - FaceBook - THR news articles and stories from around the world by Bill Tarling

vape distortion


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