Between 12th October to 31 December 2020, more than 37,000 persons responded to ETHRA’s online EU Nicotine Users Survey.
ETHRA partners designed the questionnaire, translated it into 16 languages and analysed the data, all on a voluntary basis.
To summarise the results, we first highlight ten key facts, which are then analysed in the report on the results for the 35,296 participants from the 28 EU countries subjected to the European directive on tobacco products (TPD).


Comments to the questionnaire Although the survey sample cannot be considered representative of the general population, these results from more than 32,000 people strongly suggest that in Europe there is a significant mass of people who have made the switch from smoking to vaping.
They are several tens of thousands of people for whom the subject is important enough for them to give their time to participate in our survey. More than 7,000 comments to the questionnaire, comments by country can be downloaded on the ETHRA website: