3 June 2021. ETHRA wrote to MPs at the Ministry of Health, Welbeing and Sport, to protest at the proposed flavour ban being forced through parliament. We cautioned against the unintended consequences such an action would have on current vapers, and those who smoke that could benefit from switching to vaping.  Also included was our July 2020 letter to Dutch Health Minister Mr Blokhuis

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Read ETHRA's submission here

This UK inquiry ends on 27 May 2020:
UK Tobacco Harm Reduction Opportunities Post-Brexit

Key objectives of the inquiry:

1. Assess the likelihood of England reaching its smoke-free 2030 target under existing regulations.

2. Assess the effectiveness of existing regulations concerning e-cigarettes; nicotine pouches; snus; heated tobacco products and other emerging types of nicotine alternatives.

3. Identify potential legislative areas for development and divergence from EU law.

4. Produce a report with key recommendations for tobacco/nicotine-related legislative change within UK law post-Brexit.



The UK  consultation into the effectiveness of the TRPR (the TPD in UK law) will end on Friday 19 March.

ETHRA's submission is HERE

Here is the link to the consultation - it is open to all:

Open consultation
A consultation on the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 and the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations 2015



February 2021. ETHRA submitted to the BECA consultation on the Impact of the COVID19-pandemic on cancer prevention, health services, cancer patients and research. Submissions would only be accepted in English and from organisations on the EU Transparency Register. 

You can read our submission here 



October 2020. ETHRA submitted to the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks Preliminary Opinion on electronic cigarettes public consultation. 

You can read our submission on acute effects here

You can read our submission on flavours here

You can read our submission on cardiovascular risk here

You can read our submission on risks of injury due to burns and explosions here

You can read our submission on lung disease here 

You can read our submission on nicotine LD50 here

You can read our submission on the role of e-cigarettes in initiation of smoking here

You can read our submission on the role of e-cigarttes in smoking cessation here