Here we publish the letter we sent to the Dutch Health Minister Mr Blokhuis and to the Parliament yesterday, to protest against the proposed ban on e-liquid flavours. The letter is signed on behalf of ETHRA and Acvoda by Sander Aspers, Acvoda’s Chair and is also signed by ETHRA’s scientific partners.

You can read about the Dutch proposals in the government press release here. The reasoning behind the flavour ban? It is the same baseless assumption that has been made in other countries, that the sole purpose of flavouring in e-liquid is to attract youth. Yet again there was no regard given to the devastating impacts such a preposterous decision would have on adult ex-smokers who rely on flavoured e-liquid in e-cigarettes to remain smoke free, or the impacts such a move would have on future cessation efforts, given that vaping is the most popular and effective method of smoking cessation available.



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Press Release - Friday, 26 June 2020

SOVAPE publish the first comprehensive document in France on vaping and smoking cessation during pregnancy


Smoking and pregnancy: should we really discourage vaping, at the risk of smoking?

In France more than half of pregnant women are unsuccessful in quitting smoking during their pregnancy. Faced with this major public health issue, SOVAPE have reviewed studies and scientific advice on the use of vaping as a tool to help quit smoking.



It has been reported that Germany’s federal drug commissioner is hoping to use her country’s imminent EU Presidency to further obstruct vaping products all over Europe.

Die Welt writes that Daniela Ludwig has identified an opportunity to transfer her distaste for reduced risk products to a wider audience as Germany takes up its six-month Presidency for the second half of 2020.