The Dutch Minister for Health is proposing to ban all e liquid flavours (except for tobacco flavour).

There is a consultation open until 2nd February so please give your views.

It is an easy consultation to do - you only have to answer this one question:

“What do you think of the draft regulations?”

You can either type your answer into the text box or upload a document.
After putting your details in you will be presented with some settings, including whether to make your response public. Please make your response public if you wish it to be included on the consultation webpage.


After submitting your response you will receive an email and you will need to click on the hyperlink in there to confirm your submission.

The website is only available in Dutch so please use Google translate or similar to translate the page into your language. Here it is in English:



We consumers know better than anyone that flavours are key to vaping’s success and we need to tell the politicians this. Even Nicotine Replacement Products come in different flavours!

Sadly, Denmark voted to ban e liquid flavours in December. Having two member states banning flavours just before the TPD review could have disastrous consequences Europe-wide.

Please take just a few minutes to oppose this flavour ban.



Consultation page

Acvoda article on why the basis for the ban is wrong
The flavour ban - regulations based on an inadequate fact sheet / Het Smaakverbod – Regelgeving gebaseerd op ondeugdelijke factsheet.

The proposals (Dutch)
Besluit van Staatssecretaris van Volksgezondheid,Welzijn en Sport van houdende de regulering van smaken voor e-sigaretten can be downloaded from this page

The proposals (English translation)
Decree of the State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport of regulating ecigarette flavors [link]

English translation for the NET factsheet [link]

ETHRA’s letter from July
Proposed flavour ban in the Netherlands - letter

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