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ETHRA’s monthly roundup of news: ETHRA letter to the Council of the European Union - Eurobarometer 2024 - Global Forum on Nicotine 2024 -  Australia’s vape policy failure - New vape regulations start today: what you need to know - Flavour bans hamper smoking cessation - Country updates. Read on for more.









ETHRA letter to the Council of the European Union
On 21 June the Council of the European Union met to discuss a potential flavour ban for consumer nicotine products. Ahead of that meeting ETHRA wrote to all EU Health Ministers to warn of the unintended consequences of a flavour ban. 

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See Vapers Finland letter to the Minister for Health:
EU:n ministerineuvostossa käsiteltiin makuainekieltoa nikotiinituotteille / The EU Council of Ministers discussed the ban on flavors for nicotine products 

For more on the meeting see articles from Filter:
EU Ministers, Failing on Smoking Cessation, Weigh Vape Flavor Ban

12 countries push for EU crackdown on vapes

Proposed tobacco rule changes both undermine EU law-making and threaten to put lives at risk


Eurobarometer: Attitudes of Europeans towards tobacco and related products
The latest Eurobarometer Survey on tobacco and related products has been published. The survey found that approximately 11.4 million people, or 3% of EU citizens (aged 15+) currently vape. 36% of those said they used vapes to reduce or quit smoking and 21% said that vaping helped them quit smoking completely. Smoking prevalence only fell by 1 percentage point to 24%.  

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Eurobaromètre 2024 : le point sur le tabagisme et le vapotage en Europe / Eurobarometer 2024: update on smoking and vaping in Europe

5 Observations from the Eurobarometer Survey on Tobacco and Related Products

Twitter thread by Sovape:

Read the full report, summary report and country factsheets here:



Global Forum on Nicotine 2024
The Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) took place in Warsaw on 13 - 15 June. The conference brought together experts, academics, and consumers to discuss the public health role of safer nicotine products and their economic impact

GFN24: Economics, Health and Tobacco Harm Reduction

Takeaways from this year’s thought-provoking Global Forum on Nicotine

Perspectives from GFN24 – Day 1

Perspectives from GFN24 – Day 2

Perspectives from GFN24 – Day 3

The Michael Russell Oration and Award



Romania’s Chamber of Deputies adopted a bill which will ban the advertising of vapes and nicotine pouches. 

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Wojciech Bronicki, the former director of the Excise Department of the Polish Ministry of Finance, argues that excise duty on tobacco and safer nicotine products should be risk-proportionate with the goal of encouraging citizens to choose less harmful products. 

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Javier Nieto, president of the Castellano-La Mancha Society of Hypertension and Vascular Risk, makes the case for tobacco harm reduction: “These alternatives reduce exposure to toxic substances by 95% compared to cigarettes”

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Javier Nieto, nefrólogo: «Si los fumadores cambian a productos libres de humo tienen menos riesgo» / "If smokers switch to smoke-free products they have less risk"


A new report, co-authored by Dr Karl Fagerström, finds that Sweden's experience of using alternative nicotine products to reduce smoking has shown an eye-opening paradox: despite similar levels of nicotine use as in the rest of Europe, they have markedly fewer tobacco-related health problems when it comes to men. 

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Dags att röka ut nikotinets dåliga rykte / Time to smoke out nicotine's bad reputation

More from Sweden
Socialist MEP Johan Danielsson says there is no justification for the EU ban on Swedish snus and warns that applying a similar ban to nicotine pouches would be a mistake. 

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Australia’s vape policy failure
Dr Sharon Cox of University College London provides a must read critique of Australia’s ‘world leading’ policy on vapes. 

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The ends do not justify the means when it comes to Australia's vaping policy


New vape regulations start today – what you need to know
The latest guidelines for what Australian vapers need to know, provided by Dr Colin Mendelsohn.

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Restricting flavoured vapes harms smoking cessation efforts
Restricting the choice of flavoured vapes could have an adverse effect on the many adults who use them to reduce or quit smoking, according to a new University of Bristol-led study published in the journal Harm Reduction.

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Something to watch:

GFN 2024 Keynote #2 - delivered by Garrett McGovern, response by Alex Wodak - titled "Over/misinterpretation of the precautionary principle in relation to safer nicotine"