ETHRA was invited to participate in the current review of the TPD, by responding to an online stakeholder questionnaire and taking part in a follow up telephone interview. We have written notes summarising the views we put forward in the interview, together with some background evidence.


A failure to regulate safer nicotine products well is a win for smoking. In our notes we outline the key areas where the TPD fails to ensure a high level of health protection: the 20mg/ml nicotine limit, the overstated health warnings, the advertising ban, limits on volume for bottles and tanks, the failure to protect flavours and the ban on the sale of snus. We regret that the TPD evaluation does not examine the unintended consequences of not regulating safer nicotine products well. We call for consumers to be recognised as essential stakeholders in discussions of policy and for all consumers to be given the opportunity to participate in the TPD evaluation.

You can read our notes here.
Interview on Tobacco Products Directive: notes by ETHRA [LINK]